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Name: Rukia Kuchiki
Age: 50-200 (Ageless)
Gender: Female
Canon: Bleach
Canon Point: Post Hueco Mundo arc, pre-Fullbringer arc
Link to Application: Here!
Link to HMD: Here!
Link to Permission List: Here!

Moogle Name: Chappopo
Moogle Gender: Female

Limit Break: Frozen Moon - A wave of ice, as cold as Absolute Zero, ripples out from the center of Rukia's position. Minor enemies/monsters can be shattered from the sheer cold, while major enemies take massive Ice-based damage.
Onion KnightMAX
Bearer of WisdomMAX
Chocobo KnightMAX
Earth BenderMAX
Red MageMAX
Santa ClausMAX
Shinigami (Custom Job)MAX
EXP ORBExpires 3/15/17

Bearer of Wisdom
InitialAura SensingConcentrates to sense the power of darkness of presence of evil.
One MonthHylia's PrayerImproves an ally's resistance to physical attacks.
Two MonthsGoddess's BlessingGrants a weapon the Holy property.
Three MonthsZelda's GiftHeals mid wounds on an ally and raises a barrier equivalent to the health restored.
Four MonthsDivine MaterializationSummons a sword or bow and arrows enchanted with light magic.
Six MonthsEvil's BaneBanishes evil entities, monsters of the dark element, or undead into the Rift.
Nine Months Cloud BarrierClouds enshroud an area, hampering enemy attacks and making retreat easier.
One YearNayru's LoveReleases a triangle-shaped bolt of pure light magic at a single enemy.
?????????? Triforce of WisdomDoubles the effectiveness of all magics and bestows heightened perception.

InitialCaptureCaptures defeated monsters.
One MonthWhip LoreDoubles effectiveness of attacks against monsters.
Three MonthsMoogle MasterBestows powers onto your assigned Moogle.
Six MonthsRewardHeals your summoned pet (mid).
Nine MonthsBestial AssaultSummons all pets at once for a very brief but massive assault.
One YearLoyaltyIs automatically revived by one of the pets if killed (once a day).

Chappopo (Moogle) - Offense
InitialMog BombDelivers an explosive package to the enemies (mid damage)
Nine MonthsKupo HealthRegenerates health progressively with Kupo Nuts.
Two YearsMeteorThe ultimate black magic. Inflicts extreme damage to all enemies.
AvailableFiraFire attack spell (mid).
AvailableWateraWater attack spell (mid).
AvailableThundaraThunder attack spell (mid).
AvailableBlizzaraIce attack spell (mid).

Yuki (Green Chocobo) - Support
AvailableCuraHeals mid wounds (on self or an ally).
AvailableHasteImproves an ally's speed and dexterity.
AvailableReflectCasts a shield on an ally reflecting magical attacks.
AvailableEsunaCures status ailments.

Kokuyo (Black Chocobo) - Offense (Adult on December 1st)
AvailableChoco BallRanged energy attack (innate ability).
AvailableImperilDoes physical damage (weak) and reduces an enemy's elemental resistance.
AvailableAssaultPhysically attacks the enemy (strong).
AvailableDisasterAttacks all enemies (mid).

Kashikoiko the Velociraptor (Monster)
AvailableShield BashPhysical attack that freezes the enemy and knocks them back.

The Reaper (Monster)
AvailableCauldronWeak attack inflicts Poison, Confuse, Sleep, Silence, Mini, Frog, Slow, and Paralysis status ailments.

Chocobo Knight
InitialChoco SummonAllows to summon a Chocobo anywhere on the World Map.
InitialChoco AssaultCharges at the enemies on a Chocobo's back to deal physical damage.
One MonthChoco BeakTeaches the character's Chocobo to attack the enemy on its own.
Two MonthsChoco CureHeals minor wounds.
Three MonthsChoco RechargeLessens mental exhaustion on one ally (restores mental power).
Four MonthsChoco EsunaCures status ailments.
Six Months Choco FlameFire attack spell (medium).
Nine MonthsChoco BarrierReinforces physical and mental defenses (allies).
One Year Choco MeteorImitation of the ultimate black magic. Summons a meteor to attack enemies.

Earth Bender
InitialGeokinesisBends the Earth element to the user's will.
One MonthEarth WaveCreates a ripple in the ground to attack the enemy.
Two MonthsRock ProjectilesUses rocks to attack the enemy as if they were bullets.
Four MonthsQuicksandPartially turns the ground beneath the enemies' feet into quicksand.
Six MonthsDust CloudManipulates dust to blind the enemy and cover an area.
Nine MonthsMannequinCreates a marionette made of earth to be used as a decoy or to attack.
One Year LaunchLaunches spikes of earth-- Used to displace self or attack enemies by surprise.
?????????? SeismLocked.

InitialParticle ThrowerEmits a positronic ionized stream of proton energy to attack the enemy.
One MonthDark LightA black flashlight revealing all that is invisible.
Two MonthsP.K.E. MeterA device reading and tracking signs of paranormal activities.
Three MonthsContainment UnitAllows to capture and store ghosts away.
Four MonthsPower SurgeA burst of energy quintupling the strength of the proton pack for ten seconds.
Six MonthsDark Matter GeneratorCreates exotic particles that can absorb energy from supernatural entities.
Nine Months Radio CommunicationA radio allowing Ghostbusters to communicate between them.
One YearAtomic DestabilizerConverts solid matter into ghostly entities.
Second Ghostbuster Cross the StreamsTotal prototonic reversal causing all life to end instantaneously.

InitialTransienceEvades an attack and counterattacks.
One MonthShunshinDrastically raises speed and agility for five minutes.
Two MonthsCloneCreates a perfect copy to fight alongside or instead of you.
Four MonthsNinjutsuCasts a fire, water, thunder, or ice attack to all enemies (mild).
Six MonthsThrowThrows spare weapons at the enemy (x2 damage).
Nine MonthsSmoke BombDisappears in a cloud of smoke and appears elsewhere (50 feet radius).
One Year Ceiling WalkingAllows to hold onto the ceiling and walk on it to an extent.
Invisibility CrystalStealthTurns invisible.

Red Mage
InitialFire, Blizzard, Water, ThunderElemental attack spells (weak).
InitialCureHeals minor wounds.
One MonthEsunaCures status ailments.
Two MonthsBioAttack spell (may inflict poison).
Three MonthsFira, Blizzara, Watera, ThundaraElemental attack spells (mid).
Four MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds.
Six Months Holy Light, Dark CloudMid elemental attack spells (light and dark).
Nine Months In the RedIncreases attack power the weaker the character is.
One Year DualcastAllows to cast two spells back-to-back.

Santa Claus
InitialAll-Knowing ListEffect varies whether the target is on the good or naughty list.
One MonthThe Toy BagUnlocks a magical bag in which virtually anything can be stored.
Two MonthsChristmas SpiritInspires trust in others and spreads a joyful atmosphere around.
Three MonthsJingle BellShrinks self to go through chimneys or otherwise tiny passages.
Four MonthsCoal LumpsHarmless attack that hurts the target's confidence, pride, and motivation.
Six MonthsHoly AdventDoubles the effectiveness of this Job in December.
Nine Months Security ElfSummons a Tarutaru-sized security elf to protect the character.
One YearLetter to SantaCapability to gift what is written on letters sent to the character.
Four Chocobos Coming to TownCan fly with a sleigh pulled by at least four Chocobos.

InitialSummoning Lv1Allows to store up to three Eidolons (Hades, Shiva, Odin).
One MonthFriendshipIncreases the attack power of an Eidolon each time it is summoned.
Two MonthsMagic FieldGrants magical attributes to the user's weapon.
Three MonthsSummoning Lv2Allows to store up to five Eidolons (Ramuh, Leviathan).
Four MonthsHalf MPReduces by half the necessary time to summon again.
Six MonthsSummoning Lv3Allows to store up to seven Eidolons (Titan, Ifrit).
Nine Months Last BreathAutomatically summons an Eidolon upon dying.
One YearHigh SummonerAllows to summon two Eidolons back-to-back without any interruptions.

Shinigami (Custom Job)
InitialSoul BurialAllows restless non-violent spirits to pass on peacefully to the afterlife.
One MonthGigaiShinigami can inhabit a false physical body.
Two MonthsKidou - HealingTransfers spiritual energy to heal injuries (similar to Cure).
Three MonthsShikai (First Release)Zanpakutou takes on new shape and special ability (Ice-based for Rukia).
Four MonthsKidou - BindingTransfers spiritual energy to halt movement (similar to Stop, but target remains aware).
Six MonthsKidou - DestructionConverts spiritual energy to mid-level destructive spells with Fire, Lightning, Holy, or Dark elements.
Nine MonthsReiatsu ManipulationCan identify and track souls, as well as gauge the power and potential of a soul.
One YearFlash StepA shinigami can travel at speeds faster than the eye can follow.

One Maxed Job Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed Jobs Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.
Five Maxed Jobs Equipment Lore Can equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
Seven Maxed Jobs Double Exp Doubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.
Eight Maxed Jobs Stats Transfer Takes on the stats, strengths and weaknesses of three maxed out Jobs. (Santa Claus, Ninja, Summoner)
Nine Maxed Jobs Ten Skills Allows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs.
Ten Maxed Jobs Melodies of Life Awakens the true power of the Heroes of Light.

Ninja Shunshin Drastically raises speed and agility for five minutes.
Ninja Clone Creates a perfect copy to fight alongside or instead of you.
Red Mage Esuna Cures status ailments.
Earth Bender Geokinesis Bends the Earth element to the user's will.
Chocobo Knight Choco Meteor Imitation of the ultimate black magic. Summons a meteor to attack enemies.
Summoner High Summoner Allows to summon two Eidolons back-to-back without any interruptions.
Beastmaster Loyalty Is automatically revived by one of the pets if killed (once a day).
Santa Claus Christmas Spirit Inspires trust in others and spreads a joyful atmosphere around.
Bearer of Wisdom Zelda's Gift Heals mid wounds on an ally and raise a barrier equivalent to the health restored.
Ghostbuster Dark Light A black flashlight revealing all that is invisible.



Employment: Esdham Military (Colonel - Airship)
Military History
Private - Officially accepted on October 17th
Sergeant - Promoted on December 5th
Captain - Promoted on March 13th
Major - Promoted on May 17th
Colonel - Promoted on November 20th

Friendly Monster Encounters
Cait Sith - September 2015 - Boosted Ninja and Red Mage
Flowering Cactuar - October 2015 - Boosted Ghostbuster and Red Mage
Cait Sith - November 2015 - Boosted Ninja and Ghostbuster
Mu - December 2015 - Boosted Ghostbuster and Santa Claus
Cait Sith - April 2016 - Boosted Ninja and Beastmaster

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Ace Though Rukia doesn't know Ace that well, they do share one very important common trait: an undying love for chocobos. He was on her team when they investigated a haunted house, and he also accompanied their group for a short time when they went seeking chocobos on the plains. He seems intelligent and capable.
Ales Mansay Rukia first encountered Ales during the time loop event, where they were on the same team working to steal an airship and go to the Heran Empire. It wasn't until after the sage's vision that the two had much occasion to talk, however, as they were on the same side and both wielded Black Crystals. She knows he's smart, and believes he has a propensity for mischief, but she doesn't think of him as being more than a mild troublemaker at the moment. She likes him, and was pleased to discover that they had a lot to talk about when the opportunity arose.
Aoi "Santa" Kurashiki Rukia's been trolling Aoi, or "Santa" as she knows him, since the day he advertised putting together a charity calendar and preemptively banned all old people. Though they tend to bicker a great deal and sling sarcasm back and forth, she doesn't hate him or even dislike him. But she will get violent if he's too disrespectful.
Chiaki Nanami One of Rukia's former housemates, skilled with electronics. Rukia finds her helpful, and enjoys her company. Chiaki is responsible for introducing Rukia to Tamagotchis, one of which she gave to Rukia as a good luck present (a cockatrice). They are good friends, and enjoy thoughtful conversations together while painting each other's toes.
Cloud Strife An impressive young crossdresser man who knows a great deal about chocobos. She appreciates his dedication to honor, particularly after he showed up to the dating auction in a dress after a bet she made jokingly should she win a chocobo race against him. Because of his help during the time loop, she knows she trust him to offer support when she needs it.
Deadpool She saw him naked, during the timeloop. Now she can never unsee that. Not ever.
Flynn Scifo Rukia didn't know people like Flynn actually existed. He makes even her own captain look like a shifty rogue in comparison. She finds his contrast to Yuri to be somewhat fascinating, given that they grew up together. Nonetheless, she likes Flynn, and trusts him. What's more, any friend of Yuri's is a friend of hers, so she's likely to lend him a hand if he were to ever need it. Now that they're housemates, she's had more opportunity to spend time with him one-on-one, and regards him as a trusted friend and ally...who can't cook.
Captain Jack Harkness Rukia's former roommate. He seems level-headed, and easy to get along with. They didn't see each other all that often despite sharing a room, and she got to know him better later on when they went up against a giant Indominus Rex. She thinks he's clever, albeit a touch too altruistic, and knows she can trust him to guard her back.
Jade Curtiss He ate her cheesecake, and Chappopo wanted Rukia to bid on him. His White Mage skills were invaluable in the fight against the Reaper and that was more than enough reason for her to trust him as an ally. When it comes to matters of science and history, Rukia will usually try to seek out Jade for answers. He used to be a higher ranking officer, but quit the armed forces to focus on work in the laboratory. After speaking with him about Nebilim and revealing her similar experiences in losing Kaien, she's felt much closer to him. He was instrumental in saving the life of Kaien's doppelganger, effectively sealing Jade as one of her most trusted friends. They enjoy trolling one another at every possible opportunity, but they're beginning to let their guard down for each other a little more every day.
James Kidd (Mary Read) After Kidd sent a letter to the city at large, Rukia replied offering her assistance in finding Palitutu. They agreed to meet in a tavern once Kidd was back in town to discuss business, and hijacked an airship during the time loop. Her methods are bold, perhaps a bit more than Rukia is accustomed to, but she respects that.
Johnny D'Amico Johnny responded to Rukia's ad seeking a cooking instructor. She offered to help clean his kitchen in exchange. So far, she thinks he is a kind person, and his attitude about being a hero reminds her a lot of Ichigo when she first met him.
K'pandolu Tohka Rukia first met K'pandolu when they tackled a restless spirit together as Ghostbusters. They fought as allies once more when they set out along with Ichigo to fight an enormous cockatrice. Rukia knows little about her to be counted as more than an acquaintance, but from what she's seen thus far, she seems like a nice young lady who is capable of handling herself in tough situations.
Lailah Kind and fun-loving, Rukia's growing to enjoy Lailah's company more and more. Perhaps it's because they're both so OLD mature in their years. She's starting to get the feeling that Lailah hides a lot more than she shows, which has coaxed Rukia into being more protective and supportive around her. In the meantime, Lailah is one of the few people that lets Rukia feel like she can be herself, and maybe a little girlier than usual.
Levy McGarden A polite and cheerful young lady, creative and intelligent with a love for magic. Although Rukia can't help much with Levy's research, she enthusiastically supports her nonetheless. Rukia also saw fit to join Levy's Fairy Tail guild, mostly because she was curious about the job board. They both seem to enjoy the same kind of questionable literature.
Lydia Deetz A nice young lady with an unusually high love for ghosts and the supernatural. Though Rukia doesn't know her well yet, her calm demeanor and mature attitude were enough to cause Rukia to reach out and offer that they become better acquainted. After all, Rukia knows quite a bit about ghosts.
Midna Midna is Raven's former roommate, which led to their first meeting when Rukia was redecorating his room. She's shrewd and clever, and despite Midna's teasing and needling at Rukia's relationship with Raven (such as telling Rukia that she can do better than him), she does seem to enjoy Midna's company due to her frankness and sharp wit.
Mikleo Mikleo is a thoughtful and intelligent young man, who appears to be even-tempered and slow to judge others. Rukia doesn't know much about the seraphim, but she's interested in comparing them to shinigami as there seem to be several similarities.
Minato Arisato Rukia believes that he was unprepared for his calling, and may be mentally fragile. He was in a state of shock when they first met, which caused her concern. During the time loop, he confessed to her that he'd managed to learn details about her past secondhand and apologized. Rukia told him not to think anything of it. He's practical and honest, and the more she knows about him, the more she respects his unique outlook on life and his kindness toward others.
Ramza Beoulve Rukia won a "date" with Ramza at the auction. She first gained an appreciation for his character when he arrived to help defend the Crystal of Fire from attack. He's probably the most courteous gentleman she's ever known, and he treated her like a real lady when they went on her date despite her weird beliefs as to what she thought were common dating traditions. He's kind, brave, and humble, all excellent traits that she likes.
Reno The first time Rukia got to speak with Reno, she was impressed with his compassion and thoughtfulness, as well as his ability to discuss sensitive topics with honesty. Perhaps it's because he looks so similar to Renji Abarai, her best friend in Soul Society, but she found herself considering him a friend fairly fast. Reno is also responsible for giving Rukia her first kiss, when he posed as her husband to prevent a merchant from ripping her off. Despite this, they don't feel any attraction toward one another, and she thinks of the event with amusement.
Ruby Rose Ruby accompanied Rukia along with Levy and Barkeep on an expedition to capture some velociraptors. She also has a firebreathing dog. Rukia doesn't know her well, but thinks she's a kind and peppy young lady, who excels in combat for her young age.
Ryoji Kaji He's probably a jerk. She might give him the benefit of the doubt, but. No, he's probably a jerk for real. Her opinion has since changed after he used his Limit Break and sacrificed himself to help Rukia in a fight against a hamster. Why he chose her, she wasn't sure, but it earned a lot of respect (and simultaneous anger).
Selphie Tilmitt One of Rukia's housemates. Though Rukia does respect Selphie, she has a tendency to be a mother hen too whenever Selphie is sick or feeling down. They get along well with one another, and as Selphie was involved with saving Kaien's doppelganger, Rukia is pretty much a friend for life. Selphie doesn't seem to approve of Rukia's literary choices, though.
Sephiroth Initially, Rukia did not trust Sephiroth. Then they hunted ghosts together, so she's decided he's probably all right. When she discovered that he was a high-ranking officer in the Esdham military, it threw her off balance since she'd played the role of mentor just a short time before. Her initial misgivings are long since gone, replaced by respect. She respects him as a warrior, and trusts him enough to speak of her concerns regarding their roles as Heroes of Light. With their hilarious inadequacies concerning romance, they've become good friends and sparring partners.
Sheena Fujibayashi Apparently they crossed paths several times at the library, but they didn't meet until mingling at the date auction. She seems like a friendly girl, and Rukia has no reason to dislike her.
Sonic the Hedgehog Not a rabbit...but close. He let Rukia examine the faux-Excalibur weapon he had. He's got a positive attitude and lives his life without regrets; Rukia admires both of these traits, and finds him a pleasant person to talk to.
Sparks Nevada Rukia has a lot of respect for authority, and Sparks is no exception. It didn't stop her from knocking him out during the time loop event, since it was the only way to steal an airship and uncover information about the Heran Empire. She probably won't tell him about that. C_C They talked later when exploring the sewers, and found him to be a nice and respectable person. Rukia still feels a little bad that he got killed during their encounter with the Reaper, but she got to know him a little better afterward. They're now comfortable spending time around one another, which inspired Barkeep to write fanfiction about them.
Tazendra Though Rukia was glad for her help against the Reaper, her brash actions and insistence on killing Rukia in the Sage's vision has since caused Rukia to withdraw. She doesn't feel comfortable around Tazendra because of this.
Tear Grants (Mystearica Aura Fende) They're still getting to know one another, but Rukia's impression is positive. She seems kind and helpful. She helped Rukia to reconstruct a head for Nebilim's broken statue.
Tsubomi Hanasaki Rukia doesn't know her well enough to form an opinion, but they explored a haunted house together. So there's that.
Vincent Valentine Mysterious and quiet, and to Rukia, that makes him very much approachable. She found him in the library and asked for his advice concerning jobs. Clearly she doesn't find him nearly as intimidating as several others might.
Yuri Lowell One of Rukia's housemates, and best friends. Rukia's initial impression of Yuri was poor, to say the least, due to a letter he sent which she mistakenly interpreted to be a boast of elderly enslavement. She wrote him several indignant replies, insisting that he change his ways, but each response he gave just frustrated her further. She finally met him after she was ambushed by a large number of sahagin and her Moogle retrieved him to lend his help. Chappopo is now dating Yuri's Moogle. Rukia likes Yuri enough to feel comfortable teasing him, often attempting to put a moustache on his face whenever he pushes too many of her buttons, and considers him to be reliable and experienced as a warrior. She trusts him implicitly, particularly after they shared a heart-wrenching moment together in the Sage's vision.
Zell Dincht Being one of Selphie's friends automatically makes him okay in Rukia's book. Zell is one of Rukia's housemates. They're still getting to know each other, but as he's been in Crystallis before Rukia arrived, she's curious to know about his previous experiences.
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Hugging: Sure. She's not exactly used to it, so expect her to be surprised.
Kissing: See above. She might hit you.
Flirting: Go for it! Her reactions are likely to be hilarious.
Fighting: Definitely.
Injuring: Sure!
Killing: Just ask, but I'm OK with it!
Telepathy/Mind-reading: If it comes up, I don't mind.

Backtagging/Slow threading: Yes.
Threadjumping: Go for it, if the other person involved is okay with it!
Fourth-walling: Why not? If it's allowed, then I don't mind.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Preferred fandom ships: Renji Abarai
Fandom ships I will play: Most members of Soul Society. See below.
Fandom ships I'm uninterested in: Byakuya Kuchiki, Kaien, Ichigo Kurosaki, Anyone from the Living World, Isshin Kurosaki
Non-fandom ships: Depends on the chemistry. I'm a little picky as far as Rukia goes, but if the characters work well together, it might happen. But I absolutely love platonic friendships and will hoard them like a precious treasure.

Rukia is a Soul Reaper, so she might be pretty casual about death. Death death death.
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If there is anything that you think I can improve on playing Rukia, please let me know.

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Name: Faetan
Age: 18+
Personal Journal: None
Contact: [plurk.com profile] faetan, RainaMoonsinger via AIM
Other In-Game Characters: None

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Rukia Kuchiki
Age: Somewhere between 50-200???
Gender: Female
Canon: Bleach
Canon Point: Post Hueco Mundo arc, pre-Fullbringer arc
History: Rukia's Wiki link
Personality: There are two very different ways that Rukia chooses to present herself to people. This isn't surprising, given the two lifestyles she was pushed into at a young age. Around people she doesn't know, particularly those who are deserving of respect, Rukia appears to be formal, serious, and dedicated. But around those who know her, and who have earned her trust and friendship, she's far more casual, even downright playful. Some have said that the way she speaks and carries herself is more like a man than a lady, which may be true. She struggles to be refined and uphold the honor of the Kuchiki household, but she did grow up in the Rukongai, where you had to be tough to survive. Neither is her 'true self,' which is a mixture of both lives that have groomed her into the person she is today.

After spending as much time as she has around Ichigo and his friends, the harsh contrast between these two presentations have begun to blend. She has grown in confidence regarding her abilities, able to take pride in her Kidou now that she better understands her adoptive brother and his motivations where she was concerned.

For a long time, she was humbled and even intimidated by Byakuya. He never told her why he'd elected to adopt her, and her adoption into a noble family changed her academic standing relationships drastically. Some were even severed. Byakuya seemed cold, distant, and severe. Once he revealed to her that he'd acted on behalf of the dying wish of his wife, Rukia's older sister, the bond between them softened significantly. He was a man of justice, restricted by the laws he'd sworn to uphold, which was why he'd fought against Ichigo's attempts to rescue her. After he revealed his motivations and inner conflicts to her, her feelings of intimidation turned to deep respect, even admiration, much like a little sister who hero worships her big brother.

As a friend, Rukia is loyal, willing to lay down her life for the people she cares about. She's also willing to fight to the end to defend the souls she's been sworn to protect. Though Rukia doesn't suffer fools lightly, she shows warmth and kindness to those who are frightened, sad, or in need of comfort. It brings her great satisfaction to help souls cross over, and she expects nothing in return for doing her job. She was very proud to be accepted as a shinigami, and she'd worked hard to achieve her position as it was a childhood promise she'd made with Renji to escape their life of poverty.

Rukia has a different dememanor depending on whether she's the mentor, or the student/subordinate. As a mentor, she takes her role very seriously, and can get a little imperious if her student (Ichigo) gets impatient or disrespectful. She often tries to illustrate her lessons, but her drawings are childish and tend to detract from the seriousness of the situation. It's not intentional; she just sucks. But her instructions are confident, and she carries a lot of wisdom and tactical knowledge. She's a great teacher. However, when faced with someone of higher authority, Rukia exhibits every respect she can give. She follows orders obediently, and has no qualms about lending her support to her captain. But, as with so many facets of her personality, there are exceptions. Rukia is not so black-and-white when it comes to playing by the rules. She's able to show mercy, and she will sometimes break the rules in lieu of what she believes to be the greater good. But she'll also accept the punishment that comes with it.

Though Rukia is ordinarily confident in her actions, she can be hard on herself and penitent if those actions cause harm to another. She berated herself for speaking candidly to Ichigo about his mother's death, and for decades she was consumed with guilt at having to kill her friend and mentor, Kaien, when he was possessed by a Hollow. She will apologize without pride or ego getting in the way, as she can usually recognize when she's in the wrong.

She can be extremely stubborn when she's made up her mind to act, particularly if it's to help someone in need. While Rukia doesn't have a particularly hot temper, or a tendency to bear a grudge, she has no qualms about letting people know that they've offended her, either with sharp-tongued remarks, physical brutality, or some means of utter humiliation while she looks on with a cool smirk. If she cares about someone, then she's likely to tease them too. It's a way of dropping her guard and showing her trust. On the other hand, Rukia herself can be easily riled up and quarrelsome, especially if she's embarrassed. Despite her tough love and cool composure, Rukia can be surprisingly...kind of a dork. There are many things about the modern world that she just can't seem to understand (like juiceboxes), but she sure tries her best, bless her shinigami heart. She at least has more curiosity than pride, as she doesn't hesitate to ask for help if she's having trouble understanding something about human culture.

Finally, Rukia is about as far from a romantic as a person can be. She values friendship more than anything else, and as such she seldom has time to let her mind wander to such things. She nearly chokes when someone suggests that she might be romantic with Ichigo, as the idea of her being in love with a teenage human boy is so completely foreign to her. The bond they share is more of a deep partnership and trust. It has nothing to do with physical attraction. She's also oblivious to Renji's feelings for her, as she's completely obtuse and can't recognize his affections despite being childhood friends. She may have had a small crush on Kaien, but as he was married, she likely didn't put enough emotional investment into it for anything to bloom. Instead, she admired and respected him for his kindness and patience when instructing her. As such, Rukia isn't likely to fall in love with anybody. But if Renji did show up and had enough courage to be completely blunt about it, then MAYBE...

Third-Person Sample: Rukia's sandal touched lightly upon the ground, robes softly fluttering back into place. Her dark eyes scanned the treeline for signs of an enemy presence, while she focused her spiritual senses to detect any lingering hint of reiatsu. She found none. It was only then that she opened her fist to look at the pair of floral hairpins clasped in her palm -- Orihime's. Rukia didn't smile. She closed her eyes, exhaling, and placed them securely in the inner folds of her uniform.

The grass was cool and wet as she walked across the short expanse of clover-studded fields and into the scrubby forest. Orihime had begged her to hide the hairpins, suggesting that if she had no access to her powers, she would no longer be targetted by their enemies. Logically, she had a point. Her powers were near godlike, and in the wrong hands, they could do a great deal of harm. Rukia didn't want Orihime to go through a second situation like the one Aizen had put her in -- imprisoned, lonely, losing all hopes of ever achieving her dreams. But this...

Rukia stooped to one knee beside a gnarled tree, with two distinct parallel knots in the trunk. This was the place that sprang to mind when Rukia was entreated with the safety of Orihime's hairpins. It was unlikely to be visited by anyone. It was safe. Orihime would be safe.

But safe didn't mean happy. Rukia knew how much the hairpins meant to the young girl, that they were a gift from her late brother. They were also the only means Orihime had of defending herself, and protecting her friends. And here Rukia was, about to put those sacred treasures in dirt.

Closing her eyes, she brought her fist to her mouth, and frowned.


This was reprehensible. Orihime didn't lack courage, or even strength. She might be inexperienced, but that could be fixed. What was more, Rukia wasn't going to leave her behind. They were friends.

Her mind made up, Rukia rose to her feet and abandoned the tree altogether. Her stride was brisk, her shoulders straight. Orihime was going to wear her hairpins, and if their enemies came after her, then they'd find that their target was not defenseless, nor was she alone. They would have to get through Ichigo. And they would have to get through Rukia.

Approaching the traveler's gate, Rukia finally permitted herself a smile, then stepped through.

Mognet Sample: To those who have elected the Gambler class, I request an audience. It has come to my attention that there may, or may not, be a certain slot result that summons a creature called a Lagomorph, and that this Lagomorph resembles a creature known to me as a 'rabbit.'

Please verify whether this is fact, or rumor. It is imperative that I know immediately.

If it is true, a demonstration would not be unappreciated.

With Sincere Regard,
Kuchiki Rukia

Moogle Name: Chappopo
Moogle Gender: Female
First Job: Ninja
Second Job: Red Mage
Limit Break: Frozen Moon - A wave of ice, as cold as Absolute Zero, ripples out from the center of Rukia's position. Minor enemies/monsters can be shattered from the sheer cold, while major enemies take massive Ice-based damage.


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